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Why everyone should be using Cloudflare in 2024

Cloudflare isn’t just another service on the internet; it’s a toolkit designed to supercharge your web applications, enhance security, and slash load times. Its array of free features provides substantial value for SaaS application developers, solopreneurs, and indie hackers. Let’s dive into the features and practical applications of Cloudflare’s offerings. Domain Registration at Cost Cloudflare […]

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Server Management Services for Solopreneurs & Indie Hackers

As a solopreneur or indie hacker, you’re at the cutting edge of innovation, creating SaaS products that solve real-world problems. You’re fluent in PHP, Next.js, Node.js, Rails, or Laravel, and you’re passionate about bringing your vision to life. But server management? That’s probably not why you got into this game. That’s where a boutique server […]

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How to Dump Databases to S3 Buckets

As businesses continue to rely on data-driven decision-making, ensuring that database backups are securely and efficiently managed has become a critical task. In this article, I, a senior dev ops engineer, will guide you through the process of dumping databases to S3 buckets. We’ll cover MongoDB, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL, offering a step-by-step guide with command […]

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Automating Node.js deployments with GitHub Actions & SSH

Deploying applications efficiently and consistently is essential in modern software development. This guide outlines the process for automating the deployment of a Node.js application using Nginx as a reverse proxy on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), leveraging GitHub Actions for automation through SSH. This method emphasizes security, reliability, and streamlined processes for deployment. Prerequisites Before […]

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